Home Workouts

For those with limited equipment

Everyday is an opportunity to better yourself. We've put together some of our favorite at home workouts that guarantee you'll be sweatin'! All workouts can be done with limited equipment (sandbag, backpack, gallon of water, a kid, the possibilities are endless). If you are on the go, traveling, or stuck inside check out this link for at home workouts.


Need help properly packing a backpack for effective and efficient workouts?



Daily WODs

For those with access to CrossFit equipment

We offer distance programming available through the WODIFY app. We provide you everything from the warm up, skill or strength, MetCon, and a cool down stretch. You will also have access to WODIFY, which tracks all of your measurements. The programming is detailed so you know exactly what to do from the start of your workout until the end. 

You will follow the same programming we are doing in the gym and you have access to the leaderboard.

Quarantine Kitchen

For those looking to spice it up in the kitchen

Check out some of the awesome recipes our coaches and athletes are using during quarantine. it's important during this time to try new things and stay active. What better way than to try a new meal, that will leave you feeling healthy and satisfied. Click the button below for SFCF recipes.